Welcome to Sharon Baptist Church
of Smithfield, North Carolina online!

Originally the West Smithfield Baptist Chapel, we have been actively serving the community in Christ's spirit since 1958. We officially became Sharon Baptist Church in 1961. For fifty years, our diverse congregation has remained committed to its common values of love, community, hospitality and compassion as we bear witness to the transforming experience of a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 65:10
Sharon shall be a fold
of flocks, And the Valley
of Achor a place for
herds to lie down, For
My people who have
sought Me.

Distinctive Freedoms
As a church with Baptist roots, we remain committed to the distinctive freedoms that formed us:

Bible Freedom This is the freedom to read and interpret the scriptures under the leadership of God's Spirit in a way that transforms our lives.

Soul Freedom This is the right and responsibility of every person to deal directly with God.

Church Freedom Congregations are to be made up of persons who have intentionally committed themselves to the way of Christ, persons for whom faith has involved personal choice.

Religious Freedom Religion is best exercised by a free church in a free state.

Though committed to our own Baptist tradition, we recognize and value the diverse gifts that other communities of faith bring as well. Because of this we strive to be an ecumenical congregation, warmly welcoming those who come from non-Baptist backgrounds, too. We hope that in the course of knowing us, worshipping with us, serving alongside us, and supporting one another, you'll find how God is doing new work in your life - and new work in our world through you. Please take the time to explore our website. Many of your questions may already be answered online.


John 14:6
Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."